Yesterday was an incredible day for me. We (lasarina and I) started off, after doing CMA business, by going over to the Rothko Chapel. We were driving by on W. Alabama, and I happened to see a small sign pointing the way to the Chapel, and asked lasarina if she would like to stop by there. She told me she had never heard of it, so of course I had to rectify that.

<rant size=”small”> The entire time we were in the chapel, people with no capacity to be silent kept coming through. It’s only in the silent moments that you can truly experience the Rothko. </rant> At times, I thought lasarina would kill some people with her looks. They, of course, were oblivious. After spending a good deal of time in the Chapel, we decided to go get something to eat at the Central Market deli.

However, before we could get there, lasarina felt a sudden need to stop in at Lucia’s Garden. I know better than to ignore her intuition, so off we went to Lucia’s. Upon arrival, we found that John O’Donohue was there autographing copies of his books. In case you don’t know of him, as I did not before yesterday, John O’Donohue is a poet, author, philosopher, and Catholic scholar. But beyond that, he is a Christian as Christ intended. I have only just begun to read his works, and I must say, I am impressed.

I digress, though. Back to the story of yesterday. On lasarina‘s suggestion, I picked up his book Anam Cara (translated from the Gaelic as “soul friend”). I went over to where he was seated, and handed him the book for his autograph, mentioning that my red-headed lady had recommended his work to me. It was then that I noticed that 3 fingers of his right hand were heavily bandaged. John writes with his right hand, so it was with some discomfort that he was signing books. As he was signing mine, I inquired as to what had happened, and he told me that he had been burned in a fireplace accident.

Now I am a Cancer, as I am sure most of you are already aware. That, along with my Reiki, prompted me to ask John if he would allow me to attempt to help him with the discomfort he was experiencing. At this time, I was unaware that he was Catholic. It really wouldn’t have mattered to me, but I might have thought twice about making the offer had I known. In any case, John agreed.

I proceeded to perform some energy work on his hand, and I noticed that immediate look in his face that said he was truly experiencing the healing. It was at that point that he said something to me that no one has ever said before. He looked me right in the eye, and with complete sincerity, asked “Are you a holy man?” Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather, I assure you.

I responded by telling him that I was a Wiccan priest, and a Reiki practitioner. He allowed me to complete the treatment, including some additional work on a slight cough he had developed a couple of hours before. I told him that the cough was more probably allergy related than the beginnings of a cold as he had thought.

When I was done, he asked me what type of priest I had said that I was. I repeated that I was a Wiccan priest. By this time, I had felt the crucifix under his shirt while working on his cough, so I knew he was Christian. I took the opportunity to tell him that Wicca was, in my opinion, a modern attempt at recapture of the ancient religions, including the beliefs of his own Celtic ancestors. He listened intently, and was very open and accepting.

Well, at that point, others were coming up for autographs, and I moved away to another part of the store. I noticed John get up to leave, and assumed he was done at Lucia’s. A few minutes later, he reentered the book room where lasarina and I were still browsing. He asked me her first name, and as I told him, I noticed he was autographing a copy of Conamara Blues, which is a book of his poetry. He presented this book to her, and made another comment about “the holy one” as he presented the book to “the red-headed beauty from Ireland”. At that point, he took his leave from us and actually did leave the store a few minutes later.

We opened Conamara Blues to read the inscription. It read:

“For Ernie and Barbara
May Love Bless Ye Forever
John O’Donohue”


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