The Prince of Peace – The God of War

The subject refers to a forthcoming documentary analyzing the apparent contradictions in the Christian belief in the concept of “Just War”. It echoes a concept I myself have struggled with since I was old enough to understand the teachings of Christ.

How can any Christian ever claim to follow his teachings, and yet still support war? There in only one way a Christian can follow his teaching, and actively oppose someone like Saddam. That would have been to go to Iraq, and stand between the troops and those they killed, and by doing so, shame the troops into not killing again. That’s as active as you can get, unless you reject the teachings of Christ.

The movie is currently planned for a release date of October 2006. From the trailer found here, I find that I am looking forward to this one.

Here is another link to the trailer, and this one has a number of comments by John Campea (the filmmaker) which gives more insight into what you can expect from the film.


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