Huh? Did someone really say that?

British Grand Prix: Double amputee DQ’d in much-hyped 400-meter race

If you know me at all, you know I am not much of a fan of sports. I normally wouldn’t read an article about a 400 meter dash. However, the whole double amputee part caught my attention. It’s impressive to see someone who has lost so much not simply take it lying down. So I decided to read the story, and was curious why he was disqualified. Then I got to this part:

After the race, Pistorius attacked the IAAF for making “derogatory” comments about the Paralympics.

One official was reported to have opposed Pistorius’ involvement in able-bodied races on the grounds that it could pave the way for athletes to compete wearing jet-packs on their backs.

One official said WHAT? Surely no one really said that? This man has made truly Herculan efforts to try to qualify for the Olympics. He’s not satisfied with separate but equal. And he gets repaid with a bigoted comment like that. People can be amazingly stupid if given half a chance.


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