Congress votes Iran war justifications

Armageddon anyone?

[…] This past week, the United States Senate passed unanimously — 97 to 0 — what amounted to a declaration of war against Iran. A few weeks ago, the House passed a resolution — 411 to 2 — that similarly provided an alleged rationale for war against Iran. In this manner, Congress, nominally controlled by the opposition party, has granted the Bush administration advance approval for the commencement of hostilities against Iran. Since the Senate has announced, with no dissenting votes at all, that Iran is itself responsible for acts of war against the United States, and the House has stated, with only two voices in opposition, that Iran is illegally and clandestinely developing nuclear weapons, no prominent Democrat will be able to offer any principled, significant policy objection when Bush announces that the bombs have already begun to fall. […]

No I am not kidding. Go read the actual article for other links to reports on the House and Senate actions. I added the links in the quoted section above to direct details on the resolutions.

Now add to this the report I mentioned yesterday (Cheney Pushes Bush To Act On Iran) and tell me you aren’t worried too.

ETA: Worth reading as well: Down in the Flood: The Senate’s Blank Check for War on Iran

ETA 2: HCON Res 21 (Thomas)


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