Reputation server – interesting concept

Interesting concept. As catvincent described it here, it’s basically

a big version of the peer review system used in eBay, except for all your online actions.

From their FAQ

Rapleaf is a portable, global ratings system for commerce. Our goal is to make it more profitable to be ethical.

Buyers, sellers, and swappers can rate one another & thereby encourage more trust and honesty. Friends may also endorse their friends.

By creating an account, you can establish a reputation for yourself. Next, we encourage you to rate any friends, buyers, sellers, or swappers. In return they may rate you back, further establishing your reputation.

You can use your ratings and your Rapleaf score to prove your trustworthiness wherever you go.

This is an idea that really needs some heavy traffic to take off. If they can get the traffic they need, then it could become a very useful thing. But I think they need to be promoting it more. They are clearly already connected to several online social sites. Some promotion through those connections would be helpful, I think.

I joined up, and listed five email addresses I use regularly. My profile is here, and I seem to be doing OK so far. Of particular interest is the fact that my “email domain reputation” is rated quite high. I.m guessing that it’s the paid LJ email address that kicked that up a notch.

So if you are at all interested, go visit them, and sign up. It’s free. (I wonder how they are supporting this? My boss would ask that question before he would sign up.) As I said, they need a lot of traffic to make this concept viable.


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