FBI visits man suspected of reading in public

Careful: The FB-eye may be watching
Reading the wrong thing in public can get you in trouble

[…] So I would have been at Caribou Coffee that Saturday, getting my small coffee, room for cream. This information seems to please the agents.

“Did you notice anything unusual, anyone worth commenting on?” OK, I think. It’s the unusual guy they want, not me. I think hard, wondering if it was Saturday I saw the guy in the really cool reclining wheelchair, the guy who struck me as a potential James Bondian supervillain, but no: That was Monday.

Then they ask if I carried anything into the shop — and we’re back to me.

My mind races. I think: a bomb? A knife? A balloon filled with narcotics? But no. I don’t own any of those things. “Sunglasses,” I say. “Maybe my cell phone?”

Not the right answer. I’m nervous now, wondering how I must look: average, mid-20s, unassuming retail employee. What could I have possibly been carrying?

Trippi’s partner speaks up: “Any reading material? Papers?” I don’t think so. Then Trippi decides to level with me: “I’ll tell you what, Marc. Someone in the shop that day saw you reading something, and thought it looked suspicious enough to call us about. So that’s why we’re here, just checking it out. Like I said, there’s no problem. We’d just like to get to the bottom of this. Now if we can’t, then you may have a problem. And you don’t want that.”

You don’t want that? Have I just been threatened by the FBI? Confusion and a light dusting of panic conspire to keep me speechless. Was I reading something that morning? Something that would constitute a problem?

The partner speaks up again: “Maybe a printout of some kind?” […]

This is how the government spends wastes my tax dollars? When domestic terrorists are threatening to kill biology professors for teaching evolution, and bombs are found at the front doors of Planned Parenthood clinics? They send agents to check out reports of a man reading? Even a “dark, bearded man”? This is the madness BushCo has wrought upon my nation. Joe McCarthy only wishes he could have done as much damage to the United States as George Bush.

The paranoia of the average citizen of this nation is reaching epic levels. And we have people like Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, telling us that his gut tells him we are in for a major attack this summer, to thank for it. Things are out of control in the Executive branch. People are losing respect for Bush in droves. I know, let’s ramp up the terror level.

BTW: For those of you who have not met me in real life, I am a “dark, bearded man”. Sometimes I even read. In public.

Sourced by catvincent. Yes, I know the original story is from 2003.


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