Leonard Pitts on FEMA and formaldehyde

Still doing a heckuva job — not!

[…] As moral choices go, I would argue this is more damning than looting, euthanizing, or meeting evacuees with guns. Say what you will about those decisions, but at least they were made in the heat of the moment, by people who saw the world falling down around them.

FEMA’s decision, by contrast, was cool, considered . . . and unfathomably cruel. And if its purpose was to shield the agency from legal repercussions, it’s also now a failure. Surely every trailer dweller who’s ever had so much as a headache is now seeking legal representation.

Something tells me FEMA is about to pay a high price for treating human beings like dirt. Morally, that’s just fine with me.

Formaldehyde? And they knew about it? How about we take those FEMA lawyers and lock them up in some FEMA trailers for a month?


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