Frequency of Atlantic hurricanes increased because of global warming?

Tropical storms doubled due to global warming, study says

  • Increases in storms coincided with rising sea surface temperature, study says
  • Sea surface temps are mainly caused by human-caused global warming
  • National Hurricane Center called study “sloppy science”

[…] But Kerry Emanuel, a hurricane expert at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the study was significant. “It refutes recent suggestions that the upward trend in Atlantic hurricane activity is an artifact of changing measurement systems,” said Emanuel, who was not part of the research team.

Improvements in observation began with aircraft flights into storms in 1944 and satellite observations in 1970. The transitions in hurricane activity that were noted in the paper occurred around 1930 and 1995.

“We are of the strong and considered opinion that data errors alone cannot explain the sharp, high-amplitude transitions between the climatic regimes, each with an increase of around 50 percent in cyclone and hurricane numbers,” wrote Webster, of Georgia Institute of Technology, and Holland.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation.


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