McCain sucking up to “agents of intolerance”

McCain and Lieberman Endorse CUFI’s Festival Of Hate

It was a festival of hate – overtly trained on Arabs and Muslims, covertly trained on Jews. Bestowing their blessings, by their presence, and prostrating themselves before the architects of that hatred, were US Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain. First, some overt hatred:

“The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil [applause]…. this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world, They have no SOUL !, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call “Allah” which is very different from the God we believe….[applause] because our God is the God of love.”

[…] Hagee routinely meets with the most powerful of American politicians and has been heavily courted lately by presidential candidate John McCain who, during his 2000 presidential bid, called Fundamentalists such as John Hagee “agents of intolerance”.

[…] On Monday night, Senator Joe Lieberman had compared Pastor John Hagee to Moses:

“I want to take the liberty of describing Pastor Hagee in the words that the Torah uses to describe Moses; he is in , a man of God. And those words really do fit him. And I’d add something else; like Moses, he’s become the leader of a mighty multitude, even greater than the multitude that Moses led from Egypt to the promised land.” […]


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