Are U.S. supplied weapons being used against U.S soldiers?

Report: Pentagon lost almost 200,000 weapons in Iraq

[…] Nearly 200,000 U.S.-supplied rifles and pistols meant for Iraqi security forces are unaccounted for in Iraq, according to a report to Congress.

Loose record-keeping caused the Pentagon and the U.S. command in Iraq to lose track of about 110,000 AK-47 rifles and 80,000 pistols provided to the new Iraqi national police and army, the Government Accountability Office told Congress.

The investigative arm of Congress, the GAO also found that 250,000 pieces of body armor and helmets can’t be accounted for.

The report also says a review of the 2007 property books shows continuing problems with missing and incomplete records.

The report, issued July 31, follows an October accounting by the Defense Department’s special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, which put the number of weapons missing at close to 500,000.

Auditors were unable to determine whether the weapons — which included heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers — were stolen, being used by insurgents or still in the hands of Iraqi units.[…] highlighting mine

Now in light of this, consider the U.S. assertion that the presence of Iranian made weapons in Iraq proves that Iraq intentionally armed the insurgents. Did the Bush administration also “intentionally arm the insurgents”? Or is it possible the insurgents obtained those weapons improperly, just as they did the U.S. supplied weapons?

General Wesley Clark discusses this on Countdown here. (MSNBC Video, requires IE)


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