Wow, I could never run for President

Of course, I already knew that. Now Ten Zen Monkeys tells me exactly why. I scored a near perfect 19 out of 20.

[…] Also, in deciding how to assign different topics their place on this Top 20 List, I had to decide whether to emphasize the issues of importance to the health of the nation or just those with the most totally awesome taboo-ness. I decided to put the most taboo topics at the top, rather than the most important ones. I believe this is an accurate reflection of the triviality of our political culture. […]

  • 1: Sexual Non-Conformism (Personal)
  • 2: Sex Positivism (Socio-Political)
  • 3: Open Borders
  • 4: “I Dig Pot and Shrooms”
  • 5: No Athiests, Agnostics, or Pagans
  • 6: U.S. Militarism
  • 7: Weird With a Beard
  • 8: Daddy, Where Does Money Come From?
  • 9: No Muslims! (I’m not…)
  • 10: Stop The Drug War
  • 11: Bloated Military Budget
  • 12: Question Israel’s Authority
  • 13: Vote for me — I’m smart!
  • 14: Let’s Have More Democracy!
  • 15: The Nanny State
  • 16: “Think of the Children!”
  • 17: The Great Gun Debate? Irrelevant!
  • 18: Are Our Leaders Accountable?
  • 19: The Prison-Industrial Complex
  • 20: I Shouted Out Who Killed The Kennedys

Don’t Go There: Top 20 Taboo Topics for Presidential Candidates


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