“The Architect” resigned

Karl Rove says he was not forced to resign

[…] Karl Rove said Monday his resignation as President Bush’s senior political adviser was not forced and that he plans to spend his post-White House career writing a book and teaching.

Karl Rove was dubbed by President Bush as “the architect.”

Perhaps Bush’s most powerful White House aide, Rove submitted his resignation to Bush on Friday, he told CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux in an e-mail.

When asked for his reaction to those who say he’s being “run out of town,” Rove responded, “That sounds like the rooster claiming to have called up the sun.”[…]

Maybe it’s just another move to protect GW, but I still think it is a hopeful sign. I’ve always believed that Rove was the “man behind the curtain” to Bush’s wizard. Maybe with him gone, someone can tell Bush the truth about himself.


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