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From the ACLU: Help us run our “Congress as Sheep” ad (PDF) now:

[…] When Americans elected a new Congress in 2006, we expected the Congressional leadership to stand up to George Bush, to fight to restore the civil liberties we had lost in the previous six years. Instead, this summer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi caved to yet another Bush assault on our freedoms. They’ve enabled a revision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that unbelievably gives new powers to Attorney General Gonzales, new powers to eavesdrop on American citizens without any meaningful court or Congressional oversight. We don’t need sheep protecting the Bill of Rights. We need lions. It’s time for Congress to stop following and start leading. Our constitutional freedoms are at stake. […]

Want to help get this ad running Nancy Pelosi’s and Harry Reid’s home town newspapers? Click here to donate.


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