Maybe it’s not so tinfoil to see war with Iran in our future…

An Act of Economic Madness

[…] News stories just out report that the Bush administration is planning to designate Iran’s entire Revolutionary Guard Corps a “specially designated global terrorist” in order to tighten sanctions on that country. This follows a many-months-long drumbeat of U.S. claims against Iran — for arming not just Shiite militias (and Sunni insurgents) with the most sophisticated roadside bombs to attack American troops, but the Taliban as well (an especially unlikely charge). It also follows a growing eagerness in Congress for passage of the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act; reports of rising administration frustration over the UN Security Council’s unwillingness to pass a third round of sanctions against Iran; a flurry of insider leaks that the Cheney wing of the administration is again pushing for military action against the Iranians and that the Vice President himself has urged the launching of “airstrikes at suspected training camps in Iran run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps”; reports that neocon think-tanks and pundits are joining the attack-Iran fray; constant claims from the President’s commanders and diplomats that the hand of Iran is behind any administration misstep in the Middle East. In this context, it’s worth remembering that the President has long claimed he would not leave office with the Iranian nuclear situation unsettled. […]

Yep, attack Iran, cause a global economic panic, throw in a manufactured terror attack in the US, and forget about elections in November 2008. Declare a state of emergency, suspend the democratic republic, and declare G.W. to be President for Life.

Don’t assume there is no one out there who wants to do just exactly that. Don’t assume G. W. isn’t planning to do exactly that. When and if he really does relinquish power in 2009, then you can tell me I told you so. Until then, well, I like how I look in the tinfoil hat.


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