Jose Padilla was convicted yesterday

Salon: The Padilla verdict — Glenn Greenwald

[…] To this day, many people, including myself, cite the Padilla case as the ultimate wake-up call to the true character, the genuine soul, of the Bush administration. Imprisoning a U.S. citizen, on U.S. soil, with no charges of any kind, and then keeping him for years completely incommunicado, is just one of those lines which many people believed would never be crossed in America.

That this bright line was crossed, and crossed so explicitly and with so little controversy, was an unmistakable sign of just how much of our national character was being eroded, just how limitless was the attack on our basic constitutional framework, just how profoundly our political press was failing. Today’s verdict offers yet more evidence of just how unnecessary — on top of illegal, unconstitutional and destructive — the administration’s behavior here was. […]

So they managed to convict him, and it only took 5 years, three and a half of which he spent in a naval brig, held incommunicado, without charges, and under continual torture, simply because George Bush said so. What a day to be proud of this nation. </sarcasm>


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