Alberto Gonzales lies to the very end

Misguided loyalty and lies, by Leonard Pitts, Jr.

[…] You probably think Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned Monday because he was the most controversial Justice Department chief since John Mitchell went to prison for Watergate crimes.

You probably think the resignation had something to do with allegations of U.S. attorneys being fired for political reasons. Or all those convenient memory lapses when Gonzales was asked about the firings in Senate hearings. Or the simple fact that only very small children and very innocent adults still believe anything Gonzales says.

Bipartisan disgust

You might think any or all of that is what pressured him to quit, but you’d be mistaken. At least according to President Bush, who put a different spin on his friend’s departure in a statement Monday. ”It’s sad,” said Bush, “that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeded from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.”

As is often the case with the things our president says, there’s a hole in that big enough to drive a Humvee through. It was, after all, Sen. Arlen Specter who said that Gonzales was not credible; Sen. John Cornyn who called his testimony ”deplorable”; Sen. Chuck Grassley who accused him of changing his story; and Sen. Norm Coleman, to name one of many, who demanded his resignation.

All those worthies are, of course, Republicans. So it is hard to see how Gonzales is a victim of politics, unless this is all part of some Machiavellian effort by the Republican Party to undermine the Republican Party. Barring that, you have to accept Gonzales’ departure as a product of bipartisan disgust. And you have to wonder if the president can still see Reality from the parallel dimension in which he lives. […]

Consider that over the weekend, The New York Times sought to confirm a rumor that Gonzales was resigning. He instructed his spokesman to deny it.

There you have Team Bush in a nutshell. Under fire for his lack of truthfulness, protesting his integrity to the bitter end, Alberto Gonzales was asked a direct question.

And he lied.

Read the entire piece. As usual, he nails it.


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