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At 88, Laguna Woods woman comes out

[…] Loraine Barr placed the typed, four-page essay in an envelope, sealed it, and then, for three days, wondered if she had the nerve to send it.

“Am I really ready for this?” she thought.

For years, Barr had enjoyed the “My Turn” reader essays in Newsweek magazine.

Now, she figured, was her turn.

Still, she wondered: What if they publish it?

Barr’s essay was about a 44-year love affair she had kept from her parents, her relatives – even her dearest, closest friends.

“For heaven’s sake,” Barr said, recounting that day in May when she finally decided to mail off her essay. “I’m 88 years old. What difference does it make to anybody? It doesn’t make a difference to anybody now.”

Barr’s essay appears in the current (Sept. 3) edition of Newsweek. […]

Go ahead. Click it. You won’t be sorry.

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