Secrecy for its own sake?

Wired: Feds Tell Secret Spying Court to Keep Opinions Secret

[…] The Justice Department told a secret spying court Friday that the court lacked the power to even hear the ACLU’s request for it to release court opinions about the government’s so-called Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Although the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court mostly confines itself to issuing thousands of secret wiretap orders a year, the ACLU asked the court in August to release opinions that dealt with a controversial program, saying that the orders were more akin to rulings setting out the law of the land than individual spy orders.

In an unprecedented move, the court agreed to hear the ACLU’s arguments and directed the government to file any objections. The government told (.PDF) the court Friday that the releasing the documents would endanger national security, that the court’s job was only to issue wiretap orders and that the proper way for the ACLU to get the orders was through a government sunshine request. [editor: FOIA requests] […]

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