One of the few reasonable Republicans decides to hang up the gloves?

Hagel calling it quits when term ends

[…] Sen. Chuck Hagel won’t run for president in 2008 and will leave the Senate when his term ends in early 2009, a source close to the Nebraska Republican told CNN Saturday.

The source said Hagel, 60, a vocal critic of the Bush administration, will announce his intentions at a press conference in Omaha on Monday.

Hagel would be the second Republican senator in 10 days to announce a decision not to seek re-election. On August 31, Sen. John Warner of Virginia said he would not seek a sixth term.

The Republican departures could provide opportunities for the Democrats to solidify their majority in the Senate at the start of a new administration.

Warner and Hagel, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, are among several Republican senators who have parted ways with President Bush’s Iraq war policy. […]

You know, I would much rather see Bush’s parrots decide to resign. Instead, it’s the ones who’ve seen the folly of our generation’s Vietnam.


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