For the symbolically inclined among you

The Descent Of Liberty: An Archaeological Enigma For The Future

[…] “I think at last I understand what happened to Liberty.”


“As in: ‘The Hymn to Liberty.’ You know, those fragmentary inscriptions we’ve been finding.” The philologist was looking up from the table cluttered with the artifacts which the archeologist had fostered on to him in a fit of exasperation.

The archeologist wiped the sweat from his brow. It was hot as hell in this country, that hadn’t changed since the time of the Amerikkans… for that matter, it hadn’t changed since the time of the Sumerians. “Are you sure you haven’t mixed up the labels I put on exhumations from different strata? It’s awfully easy to confuse Ishtar or Inanna with… .what did you call her? Liberty? That’s not even a proper name, its just a kind attribute or title.”

“Call her what you will, but I think I have the hymn pretty well worked out. For one thing its not a hymn… it’s a kind of lament, or an admonition.” […]

Long read, but well worth the time.


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