Is George Bush actively seeking to create Gilead?

Dark Christianity – George W. Bush: Stealth neopentecostal?

[…] In a previous post on Dark Christianity in regards to dominionist-friendly politicians (including George W. Bush) not attending church, I noticed that there was one possibility that had not been mentioned (until I brought it up).

Namely, there is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that the very President of the United States is Methodist In Name Only, and may have been explicitly recruited–and molded as a dominionist Manchurian Candidate–by none other than the Assemblies of God.

I know I am making one hell of a statement with this–there are folks who are going to scream “tinfoil-hatter!” at this. IMHO, though, there is an awful lot of smoke to indicate possible fire here–I’m hoping, in fact, that the readers of this community can give additional info in regards to whether or not something stinks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If I am right in this, though, this would explain a great deal with the president’s policy. […]


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