A reminder

Today is the first Iraq Moratorium Day.

[…] The slow-motion train wreck that is the occupation of Iraq grows daily more of a nightmare. In 2006 America voted to bring it to an end. But our politicians have failed to grasp the strain on our military and the depth to which America’s influence in the world has fallen. We must force them and our media to recognize just how angry America is, and how massive the anti-war sentiment in this country has become.

It’s time for the Iraq Moratorium.

The Iraq Moratorium will be an escalating monthly series of actions demanding an end to the war. Starting on Friday, September 21 and on the third Friday of every month thereafter, we will take the time to show our President and Congress that our troops must be brought home, now! […]

A reporter for the Associated Press, John Christofferson, has written an article on the Iraq Moratorium for tomorrow, the first Moratorium Day. It starts:”Fed up with the Iraq war, the peace movement is trying its own surge.” Read it here and encourage your local paper to pick up the story.


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