Kansas military cemetery full – another milestone

Salon: Hey, senators, condemn this

One day after voting to block consideration of a measure that might have helped hasten the end of the war in Iraq, Republican Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts have written a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs urging full funding for a new cemetery at Fort Riley in Kansas.

The reason: With an influx of casualties from Iraq, the existing cemetery at Fort Riley is now full. Well, not entirely full: A spokesman for the facility tells Reuters that bodies can be buried on top of other bodies if family members want to share plots.

U.S. military cemetery running out of space

[…] A Kansas military cemetery has run out of space after two burials in the last week, including that of an Iraq war casualty, officials said on Thursday.

“We are full,” said Alison Kohler, spokeswoman for the Fort Riley U.S. Army post, home of the 1st Infantry Division.

U.S. Sens. Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, both Kansas Republicans, on Thursday sent a letter to William Tuerk, the under secretary for memorial affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, urging for full funding for a new cemetery for Fort Riley.

“While a new cemetery would not be completed in time to alleviate this situation immediately, it is vitally important,” Roberts and Brownback, a Republican presidential candidate, said in their letter.

“We truly owe our military members a debt of gratitude and the least we can do is provide them with an honorable burial ground,” the senators wrote. […]

Here’s another idea. Bring them home, they will stop dying, and we won’t need the new cemetery.


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