My gods. What will we come up with next?

Run away! The ray-gun is coming : Daily Mail tests US army’s new secret weapon

[…] “Where do I put my finger? There … OK? Nothing’s happening … is it on?”

“Yes, it’s on. Move your finger a bit closer.”

“Er … ow! OW!” Not good. I try again. “OWWW!” I pull my hand away sharpish. My finger is throbbing, but seems undamaged.

I was told people can take it for a second, maximum. No way, not for a wimp like me.

I try it again. It is a bit like touching a red-hot wire, but there is no heat, only the sensation of heat. There is no burn mark or blister.

Its makers claim this infernal machine is the modern face of warfare. It has a nice, friendly sounding name, Silent Guardian.

I am told not to call it a ray-gun, though that is precisely what it is (the term “pain gun” is maybe better, but I suppose they would like that even less).

And, to be fair, the machine is not designed to vaporise, shred, atomise, dismember or otherwise cause permanent harm. […]

This is disgusting. The device uses focused radiation “tuned to a precise frequency to stimulate human nerve endings.” And we are not talking about pleasant stimulation. The nerve endings in question are the pain receptors… Maybe it is possible to learn too much.

With thanks to starcat_jewel, whose commentary is here.


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