Two items on bigotry I saw today

Little Rock to Jena — racial progress slow

[…] We always expect evil to look different, obvious. We are always anticipating the pointed ears and the pitchfork, the black stovepipe hat and the Snidely Whiplash mustache. The truth, however, is that evil is rather banal. You might pass it five times a day and never recognize it for what it is. […]

On Opposite Sides

[…] Former Selectman Gary Wheeler said The Dirty Dozen looked at town board members as a bunch of country bumpkins, unfit to handle serious business matters.

“During the permit process, I saw more common sense from the natives than in a long time,” he said. “The town wanted this business and the jobs. Isn’t that a wonderful thing, a community with a place to work, flexible hours and a place right there for their kids?” […]

Maybe you don’t see the connection, or maybe you think one is more egregious than the other. Maybe you know that neither is wrong.

And it’s the darnedest thing. If you suggest that they are wrong, they will look at you askance, maybe even laugh, and wonder what is wrong with you. Because they know they’re right, know it in their bones, know it in their Bibles, know it with a certitude.

Know it beyond all question.


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