Larry Craig won’t resign after all…

What is it with the Republicans these days? Are they trying to kill their party? (Don’t answer that. It’s rhetorical.)

Craig’s decision to stay a headache for GOP

[…] Some fellow Republicans are peeved that Sen. Larry Craig has decided to complete his term despite his earlier announcement about resigning, but the Idaho lawmaker still has his backers.

“It’s embarrassing for the Senate. It’s embarrassing for our party,” said Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, who leads the GOP’s Senate campaign committee.

“I think it’s best for the U.S. Senate, it’s best for certainly his party, that he just keeps his word,” Ensign told reporters outside the Senate chamber Thursday. “He gave us his word he would do something, and he’s backing out on us, and I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

A judge ruled Thursday that Craig’s guilty plea to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge could not be withdrawn. Craig entered the plea after his June arrest in a men’s room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for allegedly propositioning a plainclothes police officer for sex. […]


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