Don’t worry, even if you are fired for murder, you can get another job

Waxman: Contractor’s re-hiring raises ‘serious questions’

[…] The Democrats’ top investigator in Congress reacted angrily Friday to a CNN report that the former Blackwater USA employee accused of killing an Iraqi vice presidential guard was hired by another U.S. contractor weeks later.

In a sharply worded letter, Rep. Henry Waxman demanded Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice turn over a long list of documents related to the contractor, Andrew Moonen.

“Serious questions now exist about whether the State Department may have withheld from the U.S. Defense Department facts about this Blackwater contractor’s shooting of the Iraqi guard that should have prevented his hiring to work on another contract in support of the Iraq War,” wrote Waxman, D-California, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

State Department spokesman Tom Casey said Friday the department had received Waxman’s letter.

“We will respond appropriately. Whatever information we can provide that they did not already receive, we will happily comply with, as we have complied before,” he said. […]

So not only do they kill with impunity, but they just get hired again even if they are “punished” for wrongdoing by being fired? Why does the US continue to use mercenaries?


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