Pitts on Intolerance, Ann Coulter, and those of her ilk

Shout against the Coulters of the world

[…] I already know what’s going to happen after I write this column.

Someone is going to say, why did you waste space condemning the latest drivel from the mouth of Ann Coulter? Don’t you know she says these outrageous things only to promote her books? Why reward her with attention?

The argument is not without merit. Coulter plays the news media like Louis Armstrong once played his cornet. She is a virtuoso of stage-managed controversy. So there’s something to be said for refusing to play along, for ignoring her in the hope that she will just go away. […]

Keeping silent has never quelled bigotry and hatred. Only by standing united against the likes of “the Coulters of the world” can we ever hope to reach a place of acceptance for all. Or, as Dante Alighieri is often paraphrased:

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.

Don’t remain neutral. Let the world know you oppose all forms of bigotry, especially religiously motivated bigotry. The greatest wrongs in this world today are created by the religions of hatred.


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