Shopping for toys?

Co-op America: Ten Green Toys for the Holidays

[…] It’s been a tough year for toy manufacturers, with popular, high-profile toys like Barbie accessories from Mattel, Sesame Street dolls from Fisher-Price, and Thomas the Tank Engine recalled due to the dangers of lead paint used by their Chinese manufacturers.

The problem isn’t limited to just a handful of companies. As the race to the bottom continues to shift more of the supply chain overseas, with very little supervision from parent companies, consumers should beware the hazards to people and the planet posed by loose manufacturing standards. Just in the month of November alone, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced recalls of literally thousands of Chinese-made toys due to lead paint dangers […]

Co-op America goes on to list some options that aren’t going to be harmful to kids, the planet, or the people who make them. Looks like a really good idea to me!


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