Dan Patrick responds to my outrage

Anyone remember this incredible stunt by Dan Patrick, State Representative for Houston?

[…] Nothing is more routine on the floor of the Texas Senate than the morning prayer. Unless the prayer is delivered during Passover, four days before Easter, by a Muslim cleric whose background is questioned by conservative radio talk show hosts, one of whom happens to be a senator.

The senator, Dan Patrick, who has from his first day in office challenged tradition, may have become the first senator ever to leave the floor in protest of the prayer. The invocation itself was a first for the Senate, delivered by Imam Yusuf Kavakci, with the Dallas Central Mosque. […]

Well, I wrote to him expressing my displeasure at his actions, and that as a constituent I would certainly vote against him at my earliest opportunity. I assumed I would get no response, and moved on with my life.

About that time, my life became chaotic. My fiancée lasarina was hospitalized. Other craziness ensured. Over this past weekend, I discovered, in a pile of “junk mail” from that period that had gotten put aside for later review, a response from Mr. Patrick. Needless to say, I was surprised to discover that he had taken the time to reply.

Dan Patrick response

That is a thumbnail, which you can click, of a scan of the actual letter I received. It says, in part:

[…] all governments are built upon God’s shoulders and our actions should reflect our state’s Judeo Christian values. […] I could not participate in a prayer to a god other than the one true God. […]

It would appear that Dan Patrick has never read the U. S. Constitution.

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