NY Times Editorial on Romney’s “Freedom requires religion” speech

Editorial: The Crisis of Faith

Mitt Romney obviously felt he had no choice but to give a speech yesterday on his Mormon faith. Even by the low standards of this campaign, it was a distressing moment and just what the nation’s founders wanted to head off with the immortal words of the First Amendment: A presidential candidate cowed into defending his way of worshiping God by a powerful minority determined to impose its religious tenets as a test for holding public office. […]

CNN, shockingly, required the candidates at the recent Republican debate to answer a videotaped question from a voter holding a Christian edition of the Bible, who said: “How you answer this question will tell us everything we need to know about you. Do you believe every word of this book? Specifically, this book that I am holding in my hand, do you believe this book?”

The nation’s founders knew the answer to that question says nothing about a candidate’s fitness for office. It’s tragic to see it being asked at a time when Americans need a president who will tell the truth, lead with conviction and restore the nation’s moral standing, not one who happens to attend a particular church.

Things like this are the very reason I said, even when I was Christian, “I am not religious. I am spiritual.” Marx was right, in some ways. Religion is an opiate, administered by the Powers That Be, and used to control the masses. Or as Starhawk phrased it, it is “power-over”.

Full text of Mitt Romney’s “Faith In America” speech

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