There’s still hope for 2008

Colorado has decertified E-voting machines used in it’s most populous counties.

[…] Colorado’s top election official decertified electronic voting machines used in some of the state’s largest counties on Monday, including Denver, Arapahoe and Jefferson.

The devices are also used in Pueblo, Mesa and Elbert counties.

Secretary of State Mike Coffman cited security or accuracy problems in the decertified machines.

A number of electronic scanners used to count ballots were also decertified, including a type used by Boulder County.

Coffman said the system had a 1 percent error rate when counting ballots. “So for every 100 ballots we tested, we found there was an error with one of those ballots,” Coffman said.

The manufacturers have 30 days to appeal his ruling.

Coffman announced in March that he had adopted new rules for testing electronic voting machines after problems in the November election.

He said at the time that the four electronic voting systems used in all 64 Colorado counties would have to apply for recertification. The four systems are manufactured by Hart InterCivic, Premier Election Solutions — formerly known as Diebold Election Systems — Sequoia Voting Systems and Election Systems and Software. […]

Maybe this will be the crack that leads to the dam bursting. It’s time to get rid of unauditable e-voting systems.


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