Will the West Mephis Three finally be released?

And will everyone else but Texas finally cease the death penalty? Read this, and decide for yourself how likely each is to happen.

Satanist Case May Close Death Row (WM3)

[…] NEARLY 15 years ago, the brutal murder of three Arkansas Cub Scouts in an alleged satanic rite sickened a nation and strengthened the hand of death penalty champions across the United States.

Now the same ghastly crime may be the final nail in the coffin of capital punishment in an America that is manifesting a crisis of conscience over the morality of executions.

Over the next few weeks the grim saga of the so-called West Memphis Three, teenagers who were convicted of slaughtering three small boys for kicks, is expected to reach a conclusion as a new suspect is tested and fresh DNA evidence is presented in the highest court in Arkansas. […]

And in the “Texas shame” category, we have this quote:

Texas, a culture all of its own, carries out 60% of all executions in the United States.


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