Religious zealots at the back door of America

How Fake American History Feeds Christian Nationalism

[…] Because of recent opposition GOP Congressman Randy J. Forbes’s new House Resolution 888 (co-sponsored by 31 other members of Congress), which showcases many of the most common American history lies currently in circulation, I thought I’d re-post my following analysis of how such fake history can pave the way for Christian Nationalism. We’re well on the way : a 2007 poll from the First Amendment Center showed that 65% of Americans believe the founders intended the US to be a Christian nation and 55% from that poll thought the US Constitution establishes the US as a Christian nation.

Step 1: Change Beliefs About Origins of US Government. Step Two: Theocracy ! […]

In case you aren’t yet aware of House Resolution 888, you can read all about it here:

Think the “Christmas Resolution” was Bad? Check Out H. Res. 888.

In the “Texas Shame” category, 3 Texas Representatives have signed up as co-sponsors of this dangerous piece of drivel, including my own Representative, John Culberson.

And in a related vein, I would also recommend to you this piece by Elizabeth Moon (e_moon60) where she says, in part:

[…] It does not matter what your religious beliefs are. What matters here is that you grasp the underlying problem: if someone sincerely and deeply believes that their deity trumps the Constitution, *and* believes that he/she has a duty to convert others and make others conform to his/her beliefs and practices, then he/she cannot be honest when taking the oath of office (or for that matter the commissioning oath of officers in our military.) Someone cannot at the same time uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution…and be planning to subvert it.

We do not need a religious zealot as President. I would say the same of *any* religious zealot, but since the country has leaned way over on the side of Christian fundamentalism (a very controlling group of beliefs) in the past >10 years, with the help of the Administration in the past 8, I am particularly concerned that no Christian fundamentalist who thinks he/she has a mission to turn this into a theocracy be elected this time. […]

ETA: Apparently, 888 is the number of Jesus in Greek, like 666 is supposedly the number of the beast, and this is common knowledge among certain segments of the Christian population. The fact that this resolution is number 888 cannot be a coincidence, and should be made more well known. It’s clearly, to me at least, sending another of those famous coded messages to the theocratic right. Thanks to catvincent for pointing out this fact.


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