The Manpollo Project – Global Climate Destabilization

I’ve posted a link to one of this guy’s videos before here, but now that I have found this site, I encourage you to go visit The Manpollo Project.

From the About Page:

Our Mission
Welcome. Our purpose for creating Manpollo is as follows:


We want to present the global climate change issue in a clear, concise, and unbiased manner. We want people to be able to hear both sides of the issue, gauge the credibility of those making specific claims, and make a decision about what to do about it for themselves. We want a full-disclosure site that provides information in a way that the everyday person can truly understand.

Get people moving

For people that decide to take action, we want to give information on how to be most effective. We’d like to provide resources for taking action on three levels: policy changes, free market changes, and personal changes. We’d like to provide possible actions for people who are willing to do varying degrees of work, and we want to quantify how their actions will help in a comprehensible manner.

Get people organized

This task is way too huge for one person to take on, and we’d like to provide ways for people to get organized and take action by using the strengths of the community. We want to provide a way for people to focus and synchronize their actions, and make their efforts as effective as possible. […]


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