GOP Lies – Strike That – Debate Excerpts

GOPers Debate (Nicely) in Florida; Here Are the Whoppers of the Night

I particularly liked this one:

[…] Mike Huckabee, voicing his support for Bush’s invasion of Iraq, said that just because the United States didn’t find WMDs in Iraq that “doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.” The aforementioned Duelfer report–and Duelfer took over the Iraq Survey Group as a hawk who had believed Saddam possessed WMDs–made it clear that Saddam not only had no weapons in the years leading up to the war, he had no WMD program. In other words, there were no WMDs to be found in Iraq–period. […]

Yep, he actually wants to claim there were WMDs in Iraq. We just didn’t find them. Now that’s deluded.


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