Gods no, not again!

Ralph Nader is once again considering destroying our chances of getting a non-Republican President…

An Unreasonable Man May Run Again

[…] On the day that John Edwards — the only remaining Democratic contender whose positions earned praise from Ralph Nader — quit the presidential race, supporters of the consumer advocate announced the creation of an exploratory committee to prepare a fall bid by Nader for the nation’s top job.

Nader’s 2000 run for the presidency as the Green Party nominee won 2,883,105 votes (2.74 percent of the popular total) and the enmity of Democrats who claimed the support the left-leaning candidate attracted in Florida and New Hampshire cost Al Gore those states and the presidency.

Nader campaigned again for the presidency again in 2004 as an independent, winning 463,653 votes (0.38 percent).

Even as he has stirred the scorn of political insiders, Nader remains the iconic figure portrayed in the Henriette Mantel and Steve Skrovan’s brilliant documentary, “An Unreasonable Man.” He can still attract media attention, draw crowds and stir the political pot. […]


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