Help stop Richard Honaker

From NARAL Pro-Choice America:

Despite the blatantly anti-choice position of judicial nominee Richard Honaker, President Bush nominated him for a lifetime position as a federal judge – so now it’s time for the Senate to send him packing.

Will you please join me and tell your senators that Richard Honaker is too extreme for a lifetime appointment? He’s been trying to obscure his out-of-the-mainstream beliefs about a woman’s right to choose. The man who once led an effort to outlaw abortion in Wyoming has said, “As a state legislator, I took positions on a lot of legislative issues and public policy issues, and one of them was on the abortion issue. That was my role at that time…. But my role as a judge would be far different.”

I don’t believe it.

Please click the link below to urge your senators to oppose Richard Honaker’s nomination. We need to make sure that the Senate gets the message – the man who tried and failed THREE TIMES to ban abortion in Wyoming does not deserve a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.

Please take a minute today to ask them to help stop Richard Honaker’s nomination.

After you contact your senators, please click the link below to ask your friends and family to help make sure Richard Honaker’s nomination is stopped.


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