I need new athletic shoes for my soon to begin exercise regime

Being the good bleeding heart liberal that I am, the first thing that crossed my mind? “Can I find slave labor free shoes, and if I do, are they affordable?”

Yes, I can, and yes, they are. Very interesting company I found this morning in that search, No Sweat Apparel “is the pioneer of fair trade fashion and footwear, setting an empowered, unionized workforce as the gold standard for fair trade clothing.” I might just mail-order a pair of shoes. The only retailer currently listed in Texas is in Austin, of course. In case any Austin folks are interested, it is:

110 West Elizabeth Street
Austin TX 78704

A few other online shops that interested me:

No, I’m not vegan. It’s just that the majority of fair trade stuff seems to be in vegan oriented stores…

ETA: There are more sites, for all kinds of products, listed here.


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