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Murder in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem by Rabbi Michael Lerner
We mourn the 8 lives lost and the wounded in Yeshivat Mercaz Harav just as we mourn the 120 lives lost in Gaza last week, the hundreds wounded, and the many wounded and killed in Sderot and Ashkelon.

[…] When will they ever learn? Violence doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t create safety. The way to security is through a. recognizing “the other” as part of you, not an alien but as a fundamental part of “the unity of all being” created in the image of God and deserving just as much as we deserve, and entitled to live at the same standard of living and with the same political rights as we have and receiving the same compassion we would give to our friends; b. the Strategy of Generosity that we in the US have to initiate and the Global Marshall Plan that makes it concrete (see www.spiritualprogressives.org); and c. public acts of repentance and atonement that both sides need to take to acknowledge the cruelty and hurt that they have visited on the other side.

Till that happens the killings will go on, and the partisans on each side will always blame the other, and each will ignore the history that has led to the specific act of violence that they are focused on, and each will proclaim that any one who does not side exclusively with their side is a traitor and an evil person. […]


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