New FISA whistleblower allegations in FISA Immunity

A New FISA Whistleblower

[…] Some powerful congressmen are raising new questions about telecom immunity based upon the allegations of a new industry whistleblower. In a letter released yesterday, three senior members of the House Energy and Commerce committee, including its chairman, John Dingell (D-Mich.) highlight the case of Babak Pasdar, who has charged “at least one major wireless telecommunications giant” of giving “a Governmental entity access to every communication coming through that company’s infrastructure, including every e-mail, Internet use, document transmission, video, and text message, as well as the ability to listen in on any phone call.” […]

There is a (currently broken) link in the full article to a PDF of Representative Dingell’s letter to his colleagues in the House saying, in part, “Members should be given adequate time to properly evaluate the separate question of retroactive immunity.”


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