Interesting review of the status of the Democratic Presidential race

Salon: Why John Edwards hasn’t endorsed Obama

[…] Barack Obama supporters who can’t understand why anyone has any doubts about their candidate (besides Hillary-shills and stone-cold racists) would do well to read this great piece by New York magazine’s John Heilemann, “Who’ll stop the pain?” As usual, Heilemann is fair to both sides, so the article will vex hardcore Clintonistas as well. (The only way Clinton will drop her long-shot primary bid, he concludes, is if she sees it as helping her in 2012.) […]

Both this article, and the one it is drawn from, are well worth the time to read. And make no mistake, both candidates get a bit of a bruising in this review. So you Hillary supporters, don’t assume it’s purely pro-Obama, just because I linked to it. OK?


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