Abstinence education fails dramatically, again

TFN Daily News Clips: Two recent instances of teenage girls giving birth in public restrooms has raised questions about Texas’ sexual education program — a program that is currently, by Texas law, forced to focus on abstinence.

Teens’ pregnancies raising questions on how to cope, help

It’s one thing to be a scared pregnant teenager.

But it’s quite another when two 14-year-old Houston-area girls, through fear or lack of information, see their pregnancies end tragically in public restrooms.

In the first incident on Sunday, a Houston girl miscarried while aboard a Continental flight traveling home from a school field trip. Then, on Wednesday in Baytown, a girl delivered a full-term newborn in a school bathroom and then police believe she tried to flush the child down the toilet.

These two incidents raise questions about how schools, social service agencies and parents can work better to identify and help these teens before they turn to desperate options. […]

I’ve been intending to post exactly this commentary for a couple of days now. The latest incident will likely see that girl charged with murder. Her child was alive when born. The first case was a tragic miscarriage, apparently.

The problem is, neither of these girls got what they needed to either prevent pregnancy in the first place, or know how to deal with the unwanted pregnancy later. And this is better than proper sex education how, exactly?


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