Protest the Pill Day? WTF?

The Anti-Family Planning Movement: Coming to a Bedroom Nearest You

[…] June 7 is the anniversary of Griswold v Connecticut, the 1965 Supreme Court decision that granted married people the right to use contraception. To mark the day, anti-abortion groups are taking to their normal posts outside clinic entrances not to convince Americans to oppose abortion but rather to stop using contraception.

The national campaign is called “Protest the Pill Day 08′” and it is organized by several leading anti-choice groups including the American Life League and Pharmacists for Life. The groups’ website is chock full of unscientific, medically inaccurate information.

Anti-contraception activism has been working its way up the priority list of the anti-choice movement in the United States in recent years and today’s campaign is one of the most organized and visible displays of this broadening agenda. […]

Just for today, do your part. Have sex. Take “the pill”. Postpone pregnancy until you are ready. Use some other form of birth control, while you still can, because if these people have their way, you will someday lose that privilege.

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