A short history of sodomy laws…

Salon: Kiss My Ass
For years American has desperately tried to outlaw sodomy and other sex acts like fellatio and cunnilingus. What are we so scared of?

[…] “The infamous crime against nature” is how Blackstone used to refer to it. But what exactly was the nature of the crime? Therein lies a tale, and American legal scholar William N. Eskridge Jr. is here to tell it in painstaking detail. “Dishonorable Passions” is about the evolution of U.S. sodomy laws from 1861 to 2003, but really, it’s about how America copes with “the other,” a rite of negotiation that breaks down to: ignore it, then demonize it, then grudgingly incorporate it (as long as some other “other” is ready to replace it). […]

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