Apparently, some Tories in Britain still care about civil liberties

British debate highlights the cravenness and complicity of congressional Democratic “leaders”

The intense and escalating political dispute in Britain over civil liberties is interesting in its own right, but it also vividly illustrates how craven and barren our own political system — and the U.S. Democratic Party — have become. The sacrifices now being made by British politicians of all parties in opposition to expanded government detention and surveillance powers is, with a few noble exceptions, exactly what our political elite in the Bush era have been — and still are — too afraid or too craven to undertake. As the Democratic Party prepares this week to endorse the Bush administration’s illegal spying program and immunize telecoms which deliberately broke our surveillance laws for years, these contrasts become even more acute.

[…] Democrats are about to institutionalize a proposition that has been rejected since the Nuremberg Trials — namely, that individuals (or, more accurately, lobbyist-protected corporations) are free to break the law as long as they can claim afterwards that they were told by the Leader to do so. That’s the principle which the Democratic Party — following their standard pattern of having enough of their members join a virtually unanimous GOP while the Democratic leadership enables it all — is about to write into our laws. […]

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