Tell Congress to Reject Spying

Tell your representative: Just because the president says it’s legal doesn’t make it so!

Congress is about to let telecom companies off scot-free after they broke the law by supplying mountains of your personal information to the government without a warrant. You can stop this sham spying “compromise” from being rammed through both the Senate and House this week. But you’ve got to move fast.

Here’s how the charade the House and Senate are considering would condone illegal behavior:

  1. Lawsuits are sent to court.
  2. When the lawsuits get there, Congress gives very specific instructions to the judge: if a telecom company got a note from the Bush administration merely claiming it was legal to participate in the warrantless spying program, let them off the hook.
  3. Since telecom companies did get notes from the White House saying their behavior was legal, the judge must dismiss the lawsuit.

Congress needs to reject this sham for what it is and insist on real accountability for telecommunications companies that broke the law.

Tell your members of Congress today to reject this meaningless compromise. Or, read more first.

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