Bolthouse supports anti-gay marriage movement in California

Kick Bolthouse Farms Out Of Your Refrigerator

As reported by Alex Blaze on the Bilerico Project, William Bolthouse, founder and 43% owner of Bolthouse Farms, a farm in California that provides organic juices, lemonades, and smoothies to places like Whole Foods and other organic market places, has just recently given a donation of $100,000 to proponents of a campaign to strip California couples of the right to marry.

Wikipedia entry:

According to the Bolthouse Foundation official website:

No members of The Bolthouse Foundation have a financial interest in Bolthouse Farms, and The Bolthouse Foundation receives neither financial support nor benefits from the profits of Bolthouse Farms. Bolthouse Farms company profits are used to support the The Bolthouse Foundation.[4]

However, Sarah Posnerstates that profits from the Bolthouse foundation are used to support the Evangelical Christian Alliance Defense Fund:

Last year, ADF received over $21 million in individual and foundation funding. Some of the major donors include … the Bolthouse Foundation, which is underwritten chiefly with profits from Bolthouse Farms, a family-run California company whose products are often seen at organic markets and Whole Foods. [5]

Public relations obfuscation at work, apparently. Do something (send an email). Don’t buy their products.


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