How the Conservative movement set out to intentionally sabotage our democracy

Thomas Frank on the Bush administration: Sabotage by design — The author of “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” discusses the corrosive relationship between conservatives and business, liberal bias and his new book about Republican misrule.

[…] We see the results before us. While the Bush administration “presided over one of the greatest expansions of federal spending in history, the number of federal employees actually decreased during Dubya’s term of office.” The conservative ascendency did not merely change the composition of government; they sold government off to business, piece by piece — and, of course, it was sabotage by design. […]

My own observation, though, is that we have been living through a conservative era, that conservatives regard the state and corruption and political activity in a particular way, and that therefore these things need to be investigated. Yes, I know, the liberal era of 30 years ago had huge flaws, too, and its own pattern of corruption, its own favored groups, all of which are very, very well known. I know those things. Everyone knows them. But they happened a long time ago.

I think we need to talk about the people who are ruling us now — how they think, what they have done with the state, and why it is that a new scandal seems to erupt every goddamned week.

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You need to read this article, and probably the book (excerpted here), if you ever hope to understand the way we got to the sad place we are now. I know I have a new book on the reading list: The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule


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