Because I helped spread the myth…

I feel obliged to help undo it as well.

Facts Belie the Scapegoating of Black People for Prop. 8

[…] Black people are to blame for the passage of Proposition 8 here in California. It is an idea grounded in utter myth, a complete lack of knowledge about anything related to Black people’s presence in California, and just plain old scapegoating.

Hoepfully[sic], this diary will help put all that to rest, and we can get back to work trying to beat back the hateful results of Tuesday’s vote. […]

Consider this my mea culpa for the earlier post of this. I reacted to poorly researched “journalism”, and let my generally higher level of trust for foreign news sources carry too much weight. For that, I sincerely apologize. I also suggest reading this from Kathryn Kolbert, President, People For the American Way Foundation.

[…] Before we give Religious Right leaders more reasons to rejoice by deepening the divisions they have worked so hard to create between African Americans and the broader progressive community, let’s be clear about who is responsible for gay couples in California losing the right to get married, and let’s think strategically about a way forward that broadens and strengthens support for equality. […]


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